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 Kentucky Oil & Refining Company

Kentucky Oil and Refining Company was founded by V. H. Tomlinson in 1957. The company began as a small refinery on the banks of the Levisa Fork Fork of the Big Sandy River at Betsy Layne, Kentucky. Crude Oil was purchased from Eastern Kentucky crude oil producers. Refining continued until the 80's, when EPA restrictions made it non-profitable to continue.

Upon the retirement of V. H. Tomlinson in 1971, the founder's son, Dale Tomlinson became the president and operation's manager for the company. Under Dale's direction the company's annual sales have grown. The company sold and transported more than 56 million gallons of products during 2000, including sales in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Also, the company expanded into the retail business in the 80's. The company now has a chain of convenience store/service stations in Eastern Kentucky. As of the end of December, 2000, the company had a total of nine stores. These stores are operated as Cardinal Country Stores. In July, 2000, the company opened it's first Huddle House Franchised restaurant.

Much of the company's success and expansion can be attributed to the drive and motivation of other family members that have joined the company in the 90's.

Chris Tomlinson, Dale's oldest son, joined the company after his formal education, as head of transportation and maintenance. Chris has since been elected as vice-president of operations, and upon Dale being named Chairmen Of Board in 2000, Chris has since then promoted to President. Chris's motivation of making the company a multi-state transportation company has given the company a vision for the 21st century.

Scott Stanley, Dale's son-in-law, joined the company with an accounting degree and experience as a manager of a larger retail service station/convenience store in Lexington, Kentucky. Since his joining the company, the company's number of retail outlets have doubled. Scott now is the vice-president of retail operations. Scott has a vision of continued growth in the retail business.

Matt Tomlinson, Dale's youngest son, joined the company after his formal education at Morehead State University. Matt began working with the new installations of stations. In 1999, Matt began looking into restaurant franchises. In July, 2000, the company opened its first restaurant, it's a Huddle House franchise. Matt is now vice-president of restaurant operations. The restaurant has been an early success. Matt is now looking for other locations for more restaurants.

Management believes its strong Christian beliefs, and the faith that God will provide. Along staff and record of customer service has been the keys to the company's success.



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